As part of Software Development Services, the trend for making web applications continues in 2017. There are many frameworks that are used for this purpose but PHP and JS are still the top two contenders for app development. There are many platforms/languages within JS that are constantly used by programmers around the world. NodeJS and AngularJS are commonly preferred because of their various features. This article aims to address the two platforms and help you decide which of these is a better choice for your web application.

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There are many companies offering Software Development Services and using Angular or Node for the needful. Before you make the final decision, it’s important to have a know-how about these languages.
Let’s take a close at both of these languages to evaluate their pros and cons:


NodeJS can be easily installed on Windows, Mac, Linux and Sun Operating Systems. Once it is installed, you can write any app in it using JS. However with AngularJS, you don’t need any separate installation as it is completely written in JavaScirpt. All you need to do is add the AngularJS file just as any JS file is added in an HTML document. AngularJS is compatible with variety of web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9, Safari, Opera 15, and mobile browsers such as Android Browser, Chrome for Mobile, and Safari for iOS.

Applications and Uses

If you want to create real-time applications such as instant messaging or chat apps, then NodeJS is a good choice as it supports non-blocking input/output (I/O) API through its event-driven architecture. It also has a number of built-in core modules such as the HTTP module that creates a web server in your NodeJS application without using any other web server programs. Several other frameworks such as ExpressJS, PartialJS, SailsJS etc are based on NodeJS. You can avail features of these frameworks to build your web app the way you like.

In a nutshell, NodeJS provides the perfect platform for creating fast and scalable server-side and networking applications.

With AngularJS, you have the facility to extend the HTML syntax that allows you to describe the components of your applications. You can create MVC components on the client-side of the application. The two-way data-binding in AngularJS makes a powerful web application development framework as the changes in the View are reflected in the Model and the changes in the Model are propagated to the View which simplifies the programming substantially.

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If you are going for single-page simplistic web applications, then you should probably go for AngularJS.

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