When it comes to websites, the design is the major giveaway that makes or breaks the website. As a result, companies are investing vast amount of time, cost and resources in getting the perfect web design inspiration for their website.

The website’s first impression is what carries the user forward with the website. Therefore, design has to be the main pain point for businesses to emphasize on. In fact, first impression of a website is 94% of the times related to its design which doesn’t just mean how the website looks but also how it feels in terms of its flows and constructs.

Nowadays, the UX design is supposed to be responsive, and minimal. The websites are reflective of a company’s branding so they must conform with the company colors, theme and what they intend to showcase to the customers in form of images and graphics.

In order to have a successful website, it’s important to understand what are the industry trends and the kind of web design ideas that are floating in the market. By observing what’s considered cool, you can pay heed to what you need to apply on your own website. IT firms with an eye for detail and focus on creative web design and development, fetch different ideas for multiple sources to come up with an aesthetic theme.

Don’t worry, we will help you figure out what you need to know to utilize in your website. The following are the sources that can provide a unique inspiration for your next web design. These important players of the yesterdays will keep contributing their role on the creative design sector in the decade of 2020.

  • Everyday Life
  • Design Websites
  • Social Media
  • Print Media
Web Design Inspiration - Sources for Seeking new Ideas
Web Design Inspiration – Sources for Seeking new Ideas

Let’s explore these ideas for web design inspiration in detail.

Everyday Life

These are the inspiring sources for web design in the everyday life.

  • Nature
  • Sky
  • Food
  • Going Retro
  • Music

Let’s dive into the details of daily life inspirations for website design.


First and the foremost of the physical sources, nature is great inspiration for web design. Nature is the imitation of life. Everything around us that’s alive is part of nature and that’s what makes all of us an absolute part of it in essence. So, drawing examples from nature can be a great way of getting inspired for a perfect web design.

A dull morning with snowfall and no sun – gives you enough inspiration to create a black and white website that is truly mind blowing. Or a walk on the beach allows you to get inspired by the yellow sand to create a website with loud colors and a “breeze” like flow.

As they say, it’s how you get inspired to make what you were always destined for. Imagination is your window to a world of creation.


Often overlooked, but the sky – above us with the sun, the stars and the moon; is just like a giant color pallet. Each of these heavenly bodies rotate around the orbit. The day gives into the night and the vice versa.

There is a tempo, and so much rhythm in the way we all go along our everyday lives with the sky overlooking all that we do. Here, we will have a lot of astronomic followers agree with us that the sky can be a perfect “place” for web design inspiration.


This is probably an indelible part of our lives that certainly cannot be overlooked in any capacity so why not have a web design that’s inspired by it? Have you ever seen a chef be completely absorbed in cooking? As much as the final product is exciting, the entire journey of cooking is what makes a chef feel fulfilled.

It’s the mix of ingredients – spices, herbs, with various types of meat and vegetables. Imagine a gourmet chef baking – whisking away eggs and adding stuff as they go along. The build up in cooking food over fire. The same kind of process can be applied in creative web design for your website.

Going Retro

When it comes to UI design, there is no such thing as old-fashioned. As cliched as it may sound, but old is really gold when it comes to drawing inspiration from the past. A lot of websites nowadays are taking a trip back time. No, we are not talking about moving back to 1998, with this idea.

You can go a 100 or even 200 years back to take up an entire theme from the past. For example, renaissance – a period of great learning and enlightenment or how about the Grecian era or Paris in 1920’s?

Some of these themes sound exciting when you visualize the colors, fonts and overall period in terms of what it offered.


Coco Chanel said that fashion was created from good music. The same stands true for websites. A lot of web designers usually take help of music while working away on their UX design projects. The best part about music is that it has so many styles, and artists that you can literally pick and choose music to inspire you in creating a web design pertaining to your requirements.

For example, you want to create design for a high fashion website – listen to some classical music. Go for techno music if you are designing for a sportswear website. So, one and so forth. Music can be your muse, in literal sense of the word.

Design Websites

Why not? It’s the best way to get started on your creative design juices by checking out some of the cool and amazing websites that are already out there in the website design vertical.

This can be advantageous on so many levels:

  1. You get to see what successful websites look and feel like.
  2. You can take up some successful ideas that are already well received in the market.
  3. You have a higher chance in creating a website that is appealing to your consume base.

Let’s round up on some of the design related websites that are viable resources for getting inspired.

  • Awwards
  • Designspiration
  • Onextrapixel
  • Alistapart
Web Design Inspiration Websites
Web Design Inspiration Websites

Now we have a look over these design websites that are a source of inspiration for the web designer fraternity world over.


This is a repertoire of web designs created by web designers across the globe. Awwards is like a forum for designers to come together and post their web designs for others to take inspiration from.

The website even features one exclusive website everyday that is showcased on the website. Awwards allows the feature designer to get a spotlight on their created work while also allows others to see the unique work. A great way to learn and also get inspiration from web designers around the world.


Similar to the concept of Pinterest, this is a visual platform for saving images, articles – all types of similar content. However, in Designspiration; you will get anything under the “web design” domain. You can search for a particular type of design in context to theme, colors etc and get results pertaining to it. Lots of cool UX designs to browse and get your creative juices flowing.


This website is all about sectioning the web designs on various themes, colors, layouts and different sections. Onextrapixel helps users in easier browsing in context to what they are exactly looking for.


A good website has an equal eye for detail when it comes to content. This is exactly what Alistapart is about as it provides tips and other informative articles on helping you in this regard.

Social Media

Ever tried to figure out why famous social media platform websites are so popular? Apart from their technology platform and efficient coding practices, these websites are engaging yet very easy to use. In fact, these websites have very minimal design.

Social Media is a special source for design inspiration for shopping cart solutions. A number of Top eCommerce Development Companies get innovative ideas for shopping portal websites over the leading social networking platforms.

One common element to note in all these websites is the concept of a single sign on (SSO). This allows users to not create separate user credentials for logging into the website. An already created user account can be associated/linked with the website that enables faster way of account creation with minimal input from the user. Such type of facility provides ease of use, credibility and higher output for the user.

The leaders in the social media platforms for the clues about creative design ideas in general, and website design inventiveness are as follows.

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
Social Media Platforms for Design inspiration
Social Media Platforms for Design inspiration

Let’s examine the impact of these revolutionary social media players on the web design paradigm.


A well-known name in the social media platforms, Pinterest is a giant when it comes to images and sharing ideas with others. Pinterest also allows web designers, UI/UX artists to come together in creating websites that can be viewed by others. You like a design, just pin it and carry on. This way you can collect multiple ideas that you like and then figure out the components that you deem best for your own website.


Take the example of Facebook, which has an entire layout in blue with a single page interface that allows interaction of the user with various components with minimal clicks. Even the adverts are very subdued so that the user is introduced with a product in the most subtle way. Then there are Facebook pages, that are becoming mouthpieces of brands; and are full of design ideas for websites.


Similarly, you have YouTube which is designed to keep the user focused on continuously browsing through videos without wanting to exit the website. Its video suggestions are so accurate as per your liking that it enables users to remain engaged. Then there are a lot of helpful videos for web design aesthetics and themes.


A picture speaks more than 1000 words and in 2020 Instagram is the coolest social media platform with everyone. It is the place where everybody is sharing their pictures with the rest of the world. And what better way than to get inspired by taking a glance at a random picture and getting an idea for designing your website.

A picture can stir up your mood to help you brainstorm. There are many celebrities, brands and companies are on the Instagram. Remember Mona Lisa? She was Da Vinci’s inspiration for the classic art masterpiece.

So, hunt for your muse on Instagram. Your artistry can have a boom thanks to a brainwave originating from a design clue from Instagram.

Print Media

Newspapers, magazines, books, art, etc. – all these are types of publish / print media; that are readily available around us. Ever observed how magazine covers are designed? The face of the magazine is what compels the user buy it, same logic as applied to a website. All these aspects can be a good way for getting inspired and understanding how content goes hand in hand with images.

A lot of magazines have very radical way of presenting articles that can look appealing with various fonts, typography and imagery to help readers remain engaged in reading their content. Same is the thing that needs to be applied to your website design.


When it comes to websites, web design is probably the most crucial element that ensures that all of the pieces of the website are neatly tied up together. A carelessly thought-out design leads to failure not in just terms of giving a poor user experience but also allowing users to move to better choices in the market.

Need an inspiring Web Design to create a hit Website?
Need an inspiring Web Design to create a hit Website?

That’s why a lot of companies nowadays turn to professional web design & development solution providers for getting expert-level ideas and solutions for websites. This is where Techliance comes into the picture.

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